General Information – SA Gorei Karate Moorreesburg.


Thank you for your interest in SA Gorei Karate in Moorreesburg. We hope you will consider joining our Dojo.

Below please find information about the Moorreesburg Dojo.


The Dojo was founded by Sensei Harry Pieterosky during 1974. The Headquarters of SA Gorei Karate is situated in Milnerton, Cape Town. Sensei Harry Pieterosky is a well-respected icon in South African Karate circles. He is an 8th DAN Black Belt which is one of the highest grades in South Africa.

Sensei Harry has trained with many International Instructors in Japan.

Our Approach

Karate is a martial art with the focus on self-defence.

Our goal is to teach our students techniques that will enable them to defend themselves in life-threatening, dangerous situations. It is our wish that none of our students will ever be in a dangerous situation, however, prevention is better than cure.

The self-defence techniques are all properly explained and demonstrated and we make sure that all is done in a controlled environment.

Your first Karate lesson

We invite you to join us for two free lessons to see if you are comfortable doing Karate.


The Moorreesburg Dojo is a sub division of SA Gorei Karate. We are bound by their high standards, ethics and rules.


The Moorreesburg Dojo is proud to have three dedicated instructors. They are:

1. Nicolaas Hanekom (Black Belt 2nd Dan)
2. Jaqueline Pearce (Black Belt)
3. Fritz Els (Black Belt)

Karate lessons are strictly advised by Sensei Harry Pieterosky.


We are very fortunate to practice Karate in the Moorreesburg Gym.

We request that all karate students strictly obey the rules of the gym, however please take note of the following:

a. Karate students are not allowed to use the gym equipment.
b. Children are not allowed to play between the apparatus.


All students are prepared towards gradings. In Karate there are different levels of proficiency, Belts.

The Belt colours are as follows:

1. White Belt
2. Yellow Belt
3. Orange Belt
4. Green Belt
5. Blue Belt
6. Brown Belt
7. Black Belt

Students and parents will be informed when gradings are scheduled.


We request that all students are dressed in proper PT clothes, no shoes.

We recommend that students get a Karate Gee (Karate Suit) once they have made the decision to continue with karate after the two introduction lessons.

Karate Gee’s are available from SA Gorei Karate.


SA Gorei Karate will present competitions throughout the year.

Competitions are a good way to showcase the skills of the student. Competitions are not compulsory.


The Moorreesburg Dojo has a Whatsapp Group and we will communicate only necessary information on the group.

You are also welcome to send an email to

Joining the Moorreesburg Dojo

If you are interested in joining the Dojo please contact Fritz Els:

Contact Number: 022 433 3345 or 072 606 9964