SA Gorei Karate - Moorreesburg

SA Gorei Karate started training in Moorreesburg during 1974. Since then a number of students graded and received Black Belts.

It is SA Gorei Karate tradition that Shihan Harry personally tie the new Black Belt to a Black Belt recipient. Here Jacqueline Pearce received her Black Belt from Shihan Harry.

Nicolaas Hanekom (Black Belt, 2nd Dan), Jacqueline Pearce (Black Belt) and Fritz Els (Black Belt) are responsible for training under the clear supervision of  Shinan Harry Pieterkosky.

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Street Address:

46 Langstreet
(At the gym behind Standard Bank)

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Contact Person: Fritz Els
Telephone: 072 606 9964

SA Gorei Karate - Moorreesburg

Contact Fritz Els, 072 606 9964